Friday, February 20, 2009

It's February and we are still committed to walking

Let's review the knitting situation first - I am ashamed to say that it took me this long to block the lace ribbon scarf. But it is completed and wearable. I am very happy with this scarf and think I might make another some day.

Moneypenny helped me take photos of the scarf.

The Laminaria shawl has me entranced. I might change my mind in the next section (I have seen some blogs posts that indicate that the next section is NOT FUN) , but for now I love it. As usual with lace, there is not much to show in a photo, even with DH holding the fabric for me.

Rob's Maryland Terrapins socks are moving along. The first (or should I say second) sock is complete (the knitting, anyway) and I am working slowly on weaving in the ends. gulp. There are a lot of them. See?

I have woven in the ends on the foot section and a couple on the ribbing and am now working on the leg section. Here is the right side of the sock, charmingly posed on the computer keyboard.

And here is the lettering, of which I am very proud.

The next sock (we'll ignore the fact that this is the 3rd sock in the pair that I am knitting) is about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the foot.

Neither the grey vest

nor the Honka scarf

have made much progress recently due to my concentration on the socks and the shawl.

Work has been busy, but not terribly so. Just a lot of deadlines that I have to adhere to, and a lot of computer work rather than the patient interaction that I like. I have been able to spend some time in the operating room, though, and I enjoy that. I have to be in there to "collect body parts" as I jokingly comment to Karen. I collect a piece of tissue (artery) that is normally discarded for the research lab to work with. When that tissue is ready to be collected is not often schedule-able, so I hang out in the OR and wait.

This weekend I hope to
a) spin 30 minutes each day (or more)
b) sew some curtain linings. Our bedroom is very bright in the morning and I purchased some lining fabric to darken the room.
c) Clean at least 2 rooms
d) laundry, most of which should dry on the line. The weather on Sunday (predicted rain and snow) might limit that, but I will try.
e) knit on Laminaria and the Honka scarf
f) walk with Karen on the trail both days. We are Committed! (we are trying to psych ourselves to not wimp out when the weather is not conducive or when we are tired)

Sounds ambitious, doesn't it? I had best get to sleep.

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Karen Frisa said...

I've probably said this before, but that's OK: the Honka scarf is so pretty!!