Thursday, October 02, 2008

Knit, Knit and more Knit

My vest front pieces (I work on one of them on the way to and from work and the other at home) are growing. I have almost 20 inches knitted on one piece. The other one is at home, but close to the same length. I believe that it's time to do some shaping for the arm hole. Maybe over the weekend I can cast on for the back!
Bob's sweater is chugging along. I didn't work on Thelonious at all so the leg is not finished. ; (

I am going away this weekend for a spinning get-away. I am happy to be going, I'm just not really prepared. I thought it was to be next weekend. Karen shocked me by telling me that it was just a few days away. I'll be ready, though. DH is not so pleased - he thought he'd have help putting down weed cloth and mulch in the garden this weekend. He can have help, it just won't be me. giggle.

The spinning weekend is full of fun spinning (mostly), knitting, food (both healthy and non-healthy but yummy)and admiring other peoples fiber work. There are some real artists in this group. There are spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers, jewelry makers and I don't know what else. We stay in a dorm at a women's college. The accommodations are not plush but comfortable enough, and we are there for the spinning and away from home time more than anything else. I leave tomorrow afternoon and return late Sunday afternoon. See you then!

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