Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Spinning Weekend

Perhaps I should have titled this post Eating and Spinning Weekend. LOL. We did not lack for food - both healthy and non-healthy food varieties were available.

We had a great weekend - good weather, good food (the stuff we brought, anyway) and good company. There was lots of spinning and catching up on recent events, and the sharing of knowledge. There is no formal presentation but I always learn something at this event. I didn't remember to ask permission to post photos - sorry. I can, however, show you photos of socks.

There was a great collection of hand knit socks, and I can share those since even I can't tell whose feet they were after the fact.

We have socks that are related, but not closely. Cousins, maybe.

We have identical socks. These were hand dyed to achieve this rainbow effect.

Look twice - this is a different pair of socks.

We had sunset socks

and spring socks. At least that is what they looked like to me. Pretty spring colors.

What do you think? Are these Pretty in Pink or Hot Mama socks?

And then we had confused socks. Or were they confusing me?

We even had some weaving going on! How cool is that! The little sheep pin was the gift for this year. We get a gift/momento each year, and this one is the cutest so far.

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I hope yours was as good.

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