Monday, October 27, 2008

Since Rhinebeck

I've had a cold. I was fine on Monday, spent the day with Bob around the house. We had planned to do some boating but we got started a little too late in the day for this time of year. It gets cold once the sun goes down, no matter how warm it is at 2 PM. I managed to work through Tuesday and Wednesday, and managed about 7 hours on Thursday. The characters were swimming in front of my eyes and I re-read the same paragraphs several times with not much comprehension and decided to call it a day. I spent the rest of it trying to warm up on the couch, watching recorded TV shows and knitting away. I was home on Friday, too, but I am finally better.

I started a Clapotis about 2 weeks ago, and between knitting time in the car (thank you Karen for driving) and my couch time due to a cold, I am into the decrease section.

However - you knew there would be a however, didn't you? I haven't frogged any of this project yet. I realized that I had a finished edge in an area where I hadn't yet dropped the stitches.
See the corner that should have dropped stitches but doesn't? 
Yup. I misread the instructions (I will blame that on the cold) and only dropped the stitches on one side of the project, not both as clearly instructed. Groan.

I completed the knitting portion of the seed stitch vest (Mountain Colors Mountain Goat yarn purchased at KDO) and did the 3 needle bind off at the shoulders, wove in the ends and sewed the side seams. Remaining to do - an edge treatment. I swatched over the weekend with my swatch for the project and settled on an I-cord edging. It will take forever since I plan to do it all around, but it is great watching TV knitting. I'll take a photo once I've actually knitted some of the edging.

Bob's sweater got some work last weekend and during Monday night football last week, but not most of the rest of the week. I just couldn't knit with cotton while not feeling well. I did get back to it last night, though, and plan on at least a few  rounds tonight.
The length is good. I just have to add the ribbing. I had to rip back the sleeve because I made it a little too snug. It's not bad, though. The rounds go so much quicker on the sleeve than on the body. It is now down to the elbow (again).

I was looking for something to knit on the boat yesterday. Boat knitting needs to be at least DK weight, not lace (the rocking and rolling on the waves cause too many dropped stitches) and able to be knitted without looking much (I get motion sick if I look at my knitting too much while on the boat, just as if I were reading, which I also can't do unless it is very calm). I had dyed some yarn about a year and a half ago to make a coordinated hat, scarf and gloves set but never knitted them. I decided that the hat, knitted in ribbing, would be perfect for this trip, and I was right.

I knitted away most of the day on that hat and made lots of progress. I really don't like to knit hats - they seem to take forever - but I was distracted enough by the beuatiful day that it didn't matter. I did some spindle spinning, too, since it was not humid, even on the water.

I also started (yes, I seem to have cast-on disease) a vest for younger son (27 years young). I am knitting with alpaca - one of my favorite fibers, I will knit the vest top down and have knitted the back of the vest to near what I expect to be the increases for the arm openings, and last night I did a few rows on the front. I have to have an active brain for this so I can reverse the directions given for the neck shaping. Photos once there is something to see. 

Thelonious got some attention last night. I am so close to finishing - I will push to get this sock complete this week. I can't wait to wear them.
Well, it's rainy and cold outside, so no walking tonight. I will do my exercises, a chore or two and then sit down to knit and watch Monday Night football. Have a warm, dry evening.

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