Friday, October 31, 2008

Brrr baby, it's cold out there

We have definitely been experiencing the beginnings of winter. It has been in the 30's at night several times, and since I generally leave the house before sunrise, it's still that cold when I go outside. I have been wearing my winter coat and gloves (or at least fingerless mitts).

It rained a little bit on Wednesday night, so Karen and I did not walk, but I did get back to my 100 push ups . I had started it a few weeks ago but circumstances got in the way. I am back to it, though, and successfully completed day 1 for my level for the second time. I am really in such bad shape that I do each days "assignment" twice so that I can be sure to use good form before I move on to the next number of reps. I also did my back/ab exercises. That's the third day in a row for those. I WILL get back into better shape.

On Tuesday Karen helped me to get back on track with my Clapotis. I frogged back to where I should have been dropping stitches at both ends and then I couldn't figure out where I was or what came next. Karen saved me and I am happily knitting along. I am also pretty far along on Thelonious. I knitted the toe decreases last night at the Needle Exchange at my LYS and just have to weave in the ends . This will be a wearable sock very soon!

Bob's sweater sleeve gets longer by an inch or so each day. Even last night, though I didn't knit on it at the Needle Exchange, I did when I got home. Clapotis rows get shorter and shorter as I progress through the decrease section. I am really happy at the way this is coming out.

Today is Halloween. It totally snuck up on me and I had to send DH out last night to buy candy. We are prepared now, and that's all that counts, right? Hopefully Karen and I will get to walk this afternoon early enough that a) we walk in the daylight and b) that we walk before the trick or treaters come around. I hate to disappoint them by not being home.I also hope to finish Clapotis tonight in between jumping up to give out the candy.

I am looking forward to a nice calm weekend at home, doing chores, spinning and knitting and watching football on Sunday. I hope you enjoy your weekend, too.

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