Sunday, November 02, 2008


It is fall, and in the fall the ornamental grasses are at their most striking.

Yesterday did not feel like fall, though today certainly does. Yesterday I walked with Karen and then did yard work for several hours, and even when I was through and just keeping DH company in the yarn, I was quite warm in my jeans and short sleeved T shirt. Today, when I went out into the yard to hang the clothes on the line, I pulled on a heavy jacket over my long sleeved shirt and I still felt chilly.

Well, on to the fiber content. I finished Clapotis Friday (Yippee! another FO!) and blocked it yesterday. Here it is unblocked

Here it is blocked. I used JoJoland Melody, 5 balls and did one extra increase repeat and one extra straight repeat.

I did some spinning yesterday on my drop spindle - it is so nice to spin outside in the sun, watching the sunlight bounce off the colors in the fiber.

While watching football today I plan to weave in the ends of the Thelonious sock, knit an inch or two on Bob's sweater sleeve, and a few other projects will be worked on, too. Spinning is hard (for me) while watching football, so that may not happen today, but I am in for several hours of knitting fun (in between hanging a few more loads of clean clothes on the line to dry) . Have a good day.

Stanley enjoyed yesterday, too.

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Karen Frisa said...

You were "keeping DH company in the yarn?" Tee hee!

*Great* picture of Stanley!!