Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring time is a good time for me

I love spring - new life, sun and warmth after a long cold winter, plants and trees bursting into bloom, and it's a time of celebration for me.

Wednesday was my 31st wedding anniversary. We've weathered some not so good times and come through it, still best friends. We enjoy being together. We were determined from the start that this marriage would last and we have worked at it. I am so lucky to have a man like DH love me and want to live with me. Happy Anniversary, Bob. And thank you for the ring.

Sunday will be my 54th birthday. I love birthday celebrations, so even at my age, I need a cake and candles to make the day complete. I have DH's presents already. We don't usually do that but I saw a purse I really liked that was too expensive for just a summer purse purchase, so.... And I am taking a spinning class at Maryland Sheep and Wool courtesy of DH. Great presents.

I have been working on Cables and O's (left front finished, right front almost finished) and the Diamond Fantasy Shawl (8 rows to go!). No spinning happened this week. My travel sock is at the ribbing (toe up construction) and will soon be finished. This is the first sock of the pair, so I will be casting on for the second one very soon. I would like to start another shawl - one that has an easily memorized pattern - but I chose colors for the sweater that DH wants and ordered the yarn last night, so that will be my next priority. He wants a stockinette, white
sweater with a few narrow stripes across the chest in nautica green, red, yellow and blue. That will soon become my simple take along project. Until it gets too heavy to cart around. That kind of thing is great for knitting on the boat, though. There is no need to watch what I am knitting so I can enjoy the scenery. When Cables and O's is finished I can choose my shawl pattern. DH deserves his turn at getting something he wants knitted for him. Most of my knitting is for me.

I will be visiting my mother next week for a couple of days. When we last saw each other, I had gotten sick partway through her first visit to our house in a year. What a great hostess I was! So we will lunch together, walk at the arboretum while I take photos, and go to the beach if the weather allows. Maybe some shopping, too, but if the weather is good we won't want to be inside.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend.

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