Thursday, April 17, 2008

oooowwwwwww it hurts

DH is still not feeling well, nothing had been defrosted for dinner and yet we both wanted to eat. I went out and picked up supper. I got home, got out of the car in a rush because I was feeling hungry and didn't want the subs to get cold, walked in between our two vehicles on the driveway and with my leg in full swing, smacked into the trailer hitch on DH's vehicle. I took two steps before the pain hit and then didn't move for over 5 minutes. I couldn't believe how much that hurt.

When I was finally brave enough to move, I hauled myself up the 8 stairs to the kitchen and got a cold pack for my leg. I sat there in tears for quite a while. I nearly didn't got to the Cables and O's KAL because I could not see myself being able to depress the clutch on my car. DH nearly got himself strangled because he kept saying "I can't believe it hurts that much". I took 4 Ibuprofen, ate half a sub and cried some more. Ultimately I did go to the KAL in DH's vehicle (automatic transmission - no clutch). I took the cold pack and kept it on my leg while I knitted.

I hobbled in to the house after knitting - DH came out to help me up the stairs - and went straight to bed. DH did have to be threatened before he stopped laughing and shaking his head at me. Did I make fun of him while he maoned and groaned all weekend? NO. Some days I wonder how we've stayed married for so long.

I kept an ice pack on my thigh all night (I even had DH bring me a fresh ice pack when he got up during the night) and it helped. I was afraid that I would be almost crippled today but I was able to drive to work in my own car, clutch and all.

Today is Needle Exchange night at the LYS so I get to knit and visit with friends. It is also Knit Doctor day so I will have my sleeve position issues on the hemp top fixed by Karen. This is very good. I want to get on with that project. Cables and O's is moving fast - I am on the left front and have completed the sleeve decreases. I have another 2 inches or so of straight knitting and then comes the neck shaping. I will try to get photos tomorrow.

ETA I took some photos today when I got home from work. I was unable to upload them for some blogger reasons. Maybe tomorrow.

ETA (on Friday) Cables and O's progress as of Thursday afternoon. I am further along now buy about 3 inches.

This weekend will be busy. Eldest son is moving in with us for a while and that's going to happen mostly on Saturday. I have the usual walking, cleaning, laundry, etc. to do and Sunday is our monthly spinning get together. I hope to get the Diamond Fantasy Shawl
completed this weekend and make more progress on the
hemp lace top .

I played with my camera today - spring in all it's glory in Bel Air, MD

Have a good day.

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