Saturday, April 26, 2008


We have a 20 foot Grady White power boat - bought used and lovingly improved upon by DH. The Over-Exposed name refers to both DH's photography business that he owned at the time and the fact that he gets sunburned easily. We got out on it for the first time this season yesterday. This might be the earliest we've gotten out. The weather was warm, the winds were low and the Chesapeake Bay was lovely. DH and eldest son were interested in fishing. I didn't care where we went as long as I could enjoy the bay, play with my camera and knit. And eat.

We saw several tug boats while were were out. I love tug boats. I am not exactly sure what it is about them that I like so much, but I am fascinated by them. They have graceful lines (most of them, anyway).

They are powerful. A very small boat can tow or push a much larger vessel easily as long as the captain knows what he is doing. For instance, this

was being towed by this

Amazing, right?

Blogger just ate part of my post. Grrr.

I worked on Cables and O's for a while yesterday but I will have to frog a section - only about 12 rows - but I put it aside to be done when I wasn't rocking. giggle. I am almost finished with my travel sock. I actually have enough ribbing but since there is more yarn I thought I would knit for a while longer. I also knitted on a felted bag that my MIL started for me while she was ill. She was not able to complete it but I decided that I would finish it and use it. I'll think of her every time I pick it up. : )
It's actually perfect knitting for in the dark, whether on the boat or on a long drive.

I started a new project this morning. I am test knitting a sock design. I only have a couple of rows of ribbing completed so there's not much there for the camera - maybe tomorrow. I am using Claudia's Hand painted sock yarn in the Chocolate Cherries colorway.

I am on vacation ! I have lots of sheepy things coming up this week - knitting, spinning, Maryland Sheep and Wool festival - all kinds of fun things to do and no work to get in the way. Yippee! I'll be going to visit Mom, too. She treats me like a princess whenever I am there, and tomorrow is my BD, sooo.... I also have lunch with Karen coming up this week. What a wonderful week it will be!

Have a great day.

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