Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It was a good Monday

I can't believe I said that a Monday was good! I was actually happy to get away from DH and his germs and crankiness. He really is sick, though. He returned to the doctor and he has another anitbiotic and an inhaler plus more cough medicine. He doesn't have pneumonia (yet)but he has some wheezing and possibly an asthma component to his illness. His throat is very sore and his cough is very persistent and painful. Poor guy. He is not used to this sick feeling for so long. He's been lucky in the past. He'll be home from work for another week, I think.

I had a very productive day and still managed to get in my 4.5 mile walk on the trail. I topped off the night by getting to the last pattern repeat on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and to the spot to bind off for the arm holes on Cables and O's. I have to do a little figuring here since I added 10 stitches to the pattern to make both fronts end with a cable. I have the center back marked and have to work the instructions and counting backwards to the side seams and bind off spot. I know that I have a lot to knit still but I feel that this is a major landmark in the project and I am happy to be there.

It was 36 degrees this morning when I left for work! I put all of my scarves and gloves away over the weekend. Thank goodness I had kept one pair of fingerless mitts out for walking. They came to work with me this morning. It is sunny out and that makes me happy. Maybe I will go outside for lunch today. I usually don't do that because on nice days it is very hard to come back into my dungeon and get back to work. I am craving the sunshine, though, so maybe I will go out today.

I didn't spin yesterday - just not enough time, but I hope to get in 30 minutes tonight. It is amazing how much can get spun if I do that every day. And it's fun, too.

My boys two years ago on Memorial Day (and also my in-laws anniversary) - the last time we were all toghether:

Have a good day.

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