Thursday, October 18, 2007

Technical difficulties

Thursday afternoon
We had an internet outage (due to a modem that was so old, they laughed at us when we turned it in) at my house for 2 days, and my husband monopolized the computer last night, but I hope to post those stash enhancement photos soon. Meanwhile I have been working on my Mitten Swap mittens and catching up on house work and laundry that didn't get done while I was enjoying myself at Stitches. The mittens are progressing well and may be finished by the end of the night.

It's knit night at my LYS and I am going out for supper with Karen first - a very nice way to spend a Thursday evening. I hope to get the thumbs finished (that's all that's lacking) on the mittens. I would also like to work on the side to side garter glove that I have in progress and have a finished pair. I need to finish some WIP's - mentally as well as physically (since the projects are all over the house). My husband can't see well, especially in the dark, and he's tripping over my project bags in the living room. Shame on me.

Time passes....It is now Friday night. I just got back from a 40 minute walk. Karen and I are trying to get into an exercise routine, and it is working. We both felt really good after our long walk. Tomorrow I will find out (with my car) how far we walked.

I do have stash enhancment photos to share with you. First we have Cinnamon's Dye Pot Wooly alpaca, 70/30 wool/alpaca, 2 skeins, 500 yds each. I think this will become a lace shrug of some sort.

Next we have Cinnamon's Dye Pot Wooly Tussah, 50/50 tussah silk/merino - very yummy. 2 skeins, 400 yds each. Definately a shawl in the making.

There were a surprising number of vendors with fiber for sale, and I wanted to encourage that, so I purchased 4 oz. of a lovely mohair/wool blend. This will become part of my Tropical colors shawl.

I bought hemp yarn

and a pattern to make this lacy top lanaknits
Before you cringe looking at that color, keep in mind that I do have red hair. ; )

My last purchase was some sock yarn for a Christmas gift - isn't that color wonderful? I hope it reminds the recipient of warm, fun times in the middle of winter and brings a smile to her face.

I think I did pretty well at Stitches, restraining myself from too many purchases but taking advantage of the opportunity to get things that I can't usually find, and I supported my LYS (that's where I bought the lace weight yarn).

Sadly, all of the fiber events are over for this year. Next up is Maryland Sheep and Wool. Time to start saving my pennies.

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