Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spinning Retreat 2007

Edited Wednesday morning to say that I started this post on Sunday afternoon, added to it on Tuesday and completed it and added photos on Wednesday.

I just arrived home and unpacked the car. What a great weekend! I am sleep deprived, have a sore drafting hand and I am very happy.

Most of us - there were about 20 - arrived on Friday. Everyone brought munchies and we filled an entire table with them. Not many of the munchies were healthy, but we did have some fruit. I baked some "chocolate comfort cookies" which were made with cocoa, melted chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff and cranberries. Yum! We set up our wheels and fiber in the meeting room and got to work. Everyone had brought some fiber with them and started with that, though part of the weekend was getting a fiber packet with a particular theme and information about it. The packet included bamboo, latte silk, soy silk, Karaoke top, some natural and some beautifully dyed, and Tencel. I chose to spin the natural Karaoke top that was in my packet and plied it from a center pull ball.

I had brought some Corriedale that I dyed over the summer when I hosted a dyeing day at my house. I plan to make 2 ply sock yarn with it, with one ply being (brightly) multicolored and one ply yellow. I got the variegated spun up over the weekend.

We experimented with the fibers, which were new to most of us, and commiserated with each other on spinning the more difficult fibers. Several people used a nostepinne for the first time. We ate and told funny stories and laughed and just had a great time. Sunday afternoon came way to soon for me. I can't wait for next year!

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feelingwooly said...

I have just spent; or wasted, depending on who
you ask; an afternoon browsing the
web for retreats on handspinning.
I am a beginner spinner who would love to learn
more about combing, carding, dying, plying,
wool preparation. I love your blog and your
use of color and pattern. Do you have any