Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spinning time tonight

I just couldn't resist the spinning wheel any longer. I arrived home from work, checked the fridge to be sure we had what we needed for dinner (my husband does the cooking - lucky me!) and sat at the wheel. I am spinning this fiber

into this

It will join other yarn I have spun over the last 2 years for a "Tropical Colors" shawl that I have planned. I thought it would brighten and warm things up in the middle of a cold, dark winter if I had a shawl in the colors of warm water to snuggle into.

My husband and I ate on the deck tonight. Is it really the 10th of October? He went out on the boat today (no luck fishing) while I was at work. That's OK. I will be at Stitches this weekend while he's at work. ; )

That's right, I am going to Stitches and have two classes this weekend. I will be taking Experiment with Color and Fair Isle with Fiona Ellis and Fully Fashioned and Fabulous with Melissa Leapman. I am ready to learn and be inspired. Hmmm. I suppose I should check on homework and supplies. Bye for now.


Karen Frisa said...

Your spinning is beautiful!!

Ceallach said...

I love that color of fiber. Is it a cross patch creation or something else?

Thanks for your comment and question on my blog. I answered you in today's post.