Thursday, October 04, 2007

Knit night

It was "Needle Exchange" night at my LYS - we sit and knit and chat about everything imaginable - and some things not. I wasn't sure about going and leaving my husband, but he wanted me to go, so....
It was a small group, but we had a good time. I love looking at the projects others are working on. Sometimes it inspires me, sometimes I just encourage or help out with a knitting question, but it's always good to go.

I haven't made much progress on any knitting in the last few days, as I am sure you can understand. I am happy just to not be going backwards at this point.

This weekend is a spinning weekend for me. The spinning guild I belong to has an annual spinning retreat at a college in PA. The entire weekend is spent spinning, experimenting with new fibers, trying out new equipment and eating. Especially chocolate. Yum! I will be plying my singles into my first 3 ply yarn, then spinning with the fibers they have chosen for this year's retreat. I'll also bring some fiber of my own, just in case I don't get along with the new fibers being provided. LOL. it's a great chance to watch other spinners and learn a new technique and just spend time with like-minded people .

Our oldest son turns 30 tomorrow. My husband is taking him out on Saturday to choose a rod and reel so he can have his own equipment when we go fishing together.

Happy birthday, Rob!

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