Sunday, March 31, 2013

Knitting and chemo progress

One more chemo Treatment to go!

I am a bit more achy this time than last time. Vitamin B is suggested to minimized the neuropathy that is a side effect of Taxol. At my last visit, however, the doctor said there might be some drug interactions if I took the vitamin B on the day of chemo so I skipped it the day of the infusion as instructed. I think, though, that  I won't skip it again. I think taking the vitamin helps to minimize the muscle and joint pains that come with the Taxol. I hurt more today than I did 2 weeks ago. Pain or no pain, I will feel better in a few days and I have only one more treatment to go. I can do this.

Knitting on my 2 main projects continues. Topiary has gotten longer by more than a full pattern repeat since I resurrected it. I really like the yarn and the pattern and want to end up with a nice long wrap to snuggle into. I plan to knit at least 4 more pattern repeats to what I have here. This is a close up of the stitch pattern.

 Here you  can sort of see how long the wrap is already. The wrap is 3 pattern repeats across and this is a heavy worsted yarn. It really is about 4 feet long. 

Rob's Riff socks have finally gotten past the "trouble spot". You follow a chart up the foot, continue the instep pattern while knitting the gusset, and then count back a certain number of rows to find your starting place on the chart for the heel pattern. You then hope that when you get back to knitting on the leg that the patterns match. This one did! Perfectly, with no fudging required! I am very excited. Now I just knit up the leg, following the chart until I run out of the main yarn. Then I will switch to the accent color and do the ribbing. This sock, the second of the pair, should be finished by the end of April. 

 Front of sock:

My new large project, now that Shellseeker is finished, is going to be the Marion Tunic from the Spring IK. I swatched and blocked and am ready to start knitting. This is the center panel swatch. Stitches will be picked up on the long edge for the body of the tunic.

This is the openwork swatch. 

I would be knitting on Topiary today since I want to finish it before starting something else but my joints ache too much to manage it. I might just cast on for the Tunic today. I could use a knitting project that is lightweight and a bright, spring color to work on today to banish the grey drizzles. 

Happy Easter.

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