Monday, March 18, 2013

Shellseeker Sleeves

One sleeve is complete, the second has been started and is actually about 3 inches long! I tried the sweater on yesterday to check for sleeve length and my son (35 years old) admired it and the way it looks on me! The boatneck is a bit floppy and sloppy looking. I will try to find a way to improve the look of that, but otherwise I like the sweater a lot. I think it will be very comfortable for cool evenings on the boat or at home.

I have been re-reading the Monica Ferris series of needlework mysteries recently. Somehow I have been attracted to counted cross stitch as a result. Bob dropped me off at Joann's so that I could browse on Saturday and I picked up 2 small kits. I have been working on one of the kits in between knitting projects. I am not sure if it will be mine or Mom's but I like it. As small as it is, 5x7 inches, it will take a while to finish. I am finding it an enjoyable change of pace, though it will not replace knitting.

I spun on the wheel yesterday and finished the second bobbin of singles and made good headway on the third bobbin. I might be ready to ply by the end of the week! I hate plying but it will be great to finish the yarn and have it ready to be knitted. I hope to get in some spindle spinning this week but I'll have to see how the joints are behaving first.

Tiny little snow flakes are falling right now. Just a few, few enough that I have to really look for them, but it gives me something to look for. Have a good day.


EGunn said...

I like your cross stitch! It would be very nice framed in a kitchen somewhere. =)

Linda said...

Yes, and I have my mother's kitchen in mind. These are her colors.