Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Marion Tunic Beginning

I cast on for the tunic yesterday. I did, as usual, have some ripping to do but I still managed to complete 6 pattern repeats (of too many to count).

Right now it is wonderful that the rows are 20 stitches long so it doesn't take long to complete a pattern repeat. This color is a bit darker than in real life.

On Ravelry there is a group that does a spin off of Project Runway, called Project Spinway. There is a challenge, frequently a photograph inspiration, you find fiber (in appropriate textures and colors) and spin a yarn that is inspired by the photograph. There are usually little extra challenges thrown in along the way and there are deadlines. It is also important to explain the process you went through in making your selections and photographing things well earns points, too. Since I still have 1 more chemo to go, I didn't sign up for this competition but have decided to spin along as a fan - no deadlines, just fun playing along. That way if I have a bad week and can't make any progress, I don't feel guilty. ; )
I can really use a fun, short project right now in spinning. I think this will do.

I have spent quite a while this morning trying to choose a photograph for the challenge - your backyard. It can be a literal translation - your actual yard - or less literally, what you consider the back yard to your area, for instance. I thought initially that I would do the Chesapeake Bay but in looking through my photos, I am pretty sure I will chose flowers or something directly from my yard. 
This one is a strong contender.
As is this one. 
And this one.

Sigh. I think I have to search further. Or maybe I should close my eyes and pick? I love them all.

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