Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finished Shellseeker

Here it is! Finished! It fits well (even damp. I couldn't resist trying it on and it was taking too long to dry!) and is just the right style for me for cool evenings on or off the boat. I might make another some day ....
The pattern was well written and I had no problems understanding the instructions for the pocket.

It's chemo day again tomorrow. Sigh. Only this treatment and one other to go, though. The end is close!

It's spring, the temperatures are higher and yet we had snow on Monday. This weather is very confusing. It was very pretty looking out the window Monday morning - the trees were all covered with the white stuff. It was a winter wonderland for certain. I waited until the rush hour mess had cleared out, then I went to work. The men in the house shoveled snow and cleared my car for me. Thanks, guys.

My current knitting projects are my Topiary Wrap and Rob's Riff socks. I was doing really well working on the 2 projects. I haven't knitted on them in 3 days because I am tired when I get home from work.  Work is, I hate to admit, more important, especially right now. This weekend should present ample opportunity for knitting, though.

I am feeling much better these days. I have more energy and can do much more before I tire out. I feel better in general. I have to watch my calories now - to avoid gaining too much! 2 more chemo treatments and then I get a break for a while. I can't wait to have a nice steak  with a salad on the side and something with berries for dessert. Those are the things I can't have now that I crave.

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EGunn said...

Love it! Looks like the perfect lounge-around sweater. I keep meaning to knit one of those, and it hasn't happened yet. You're going to get so much use out of this one!