Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mystery Cowl, AKA Sartorial Cowl, finished

It's finished and blocking. The now named Sartorial Cowl is complete and I like it alot. I used just a bit over 1 skein of this yummy yarn so I decided to cast on right away for another one, in the next smaller size. I should be able to finish the smaller size with what's left of the second skein, which was most of it.

What do you think of these button options? The top one is a really pretty blue, the middle is black (even though it looks brown in the photo) and the bottom one looks sorta like wood with a bit of twig etching on it. I am toying with the idea of using the brown and black together (alternating) on this cowl and using the blue buttons on the second, smaller cowl.

So, I finished one project last night and immediately added another (the second, smaller cowl). That seems weirdly unfair but since I am at the halfway point already, I expect to have this cowl finished before the weekend. Besides, I needed the distraction. I have a potential health issue on the horizon and I am afraid the get too far into anything that involves detail or counting. More tomorrow on that.

Progress on the Swirl Sweater, Shades of Grey, is good. I am on welt 50 of 59! Each welt is 5 rows and the rows are getting shorter! I can see this being finished (sewn and all) within 2 weeks! Yippeee!

I've gotten in some good knitting time while waiting for tests and doctors (see above paragraph) and expect to have more time tomorrow so the vanilla socks are getting longer. DH and I have been really feeling the cold this year so this progress will be very much appreciated by DH since those socks are going to be his.

I thought I would share a view of our Thanksgiving sunset. Have a good day, all.


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EGunn said...

I think I like the middle button best, but the blue ones really pop.

Hope your health issues are not major, and are quickly fixed! Good luck with all those tests.