Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Swirl Sweater

I was trying to stick to knitting Bob's sweater first and getting it finished, but I needed simpler knitting for the boating trip and also just recently in the evening, as I am not thinking as clearly as I should. I have a cold and find myself distracted. The Swirl Sweater has therefore been the recipient of a lot of attention. I am on welt (5 rows to a welt) 50 of 59!!!!! I am nearing the end of the knitting! I have to say that I have enjoyed knitting on this sweater and didn't get bored the way I thought I would. Of course I didn't knit on it at all over the summer (due to the heat) but still had no problems picking it up and knitting a few welts at a time.

I have managed to finish one sleeve of Bob's sweater, so I haven't totally deserted that project. I just haven't felt like starting the ribbing and then figuring out how I did the increases on the other sleeve. My first attempt at the sleeve following the formula given in Ann Budd's book yielded sleeves that were a bit too narrow so I changed the frequency of the sleeve increases but didn't write it down. Of course. that would have been the smart thing to do. Sigh.

I am almost at the end of the Mystery cowl knitting. I like the cowl pattern a lot - I can see knitting a few more for gifts. I have to knit the button band on one edge of the cowl and decide on buttons, then sew them on. This one will be finished before the weekend.

The KAL mystery shawl was shoved aside when I picked up the swirl sweater.  I am not sure, but I think I will finish Call me Cordelia before I finish the mystery shawl since I am behind on the KAL anyway.

So, current projects are Swirl sweater, Bob's sleeve, Mystery cowl that should be finished soon, Call me Cordelia and a pair of socks. (the socks vary, depending on whether I need distraction or just knitting).  Knitting, knitting, knitting. ; )

Oh, and I blocked the double knit scarf I finished a while ago and a cowl I knitted with some handspun. I hope to get photos of those this weekend, and I hope to get Juneberry and the new cowl blocked this weekend also.

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EGunn said...

What's one sweater, more or less? Hope you're having fun with your many project knitting. =)