Friday, November 02, 2012


Penumbra is finished, probably for good. I completed the knitting and was less than thrilled. I have been less than thrilled since I first saw the pattern, but hoped it would grow on me. It hasn't and I can't bring myself to block it because I don't want to waste the time. I am pretty sure that I will rip the whole thing and knit something else with the yarn and beads. I love the yarn, I love the beads, I love the combo but I don't love the project. Sigh. The next pattern is so much prettier (IMHO) and I will knit that, though not until I finish up some other WIPs. Maybe I'll knit a couple of "Pretty Thing" cowls and add beads. I think that will look wonderful and planning where to put the beads should not be hard.

I have been good about not casting on, I am proud to report. My current projects are (1) the cowl for the Natchwoolie groups swap, (2) the baby blanket (baby is due 12/25 so I really can't put that off), (3) Bob's sweater and (4) the Call me Cordelia shawl. This shawl is the one thing I will change in my current line up of projects. I am closer to the finish of Juneberry than I am on Cordelia. That means that I can finish Juneberry faster. Finishing is what I am trying to do. Besides, Juneberry is bigger and warmer so will be more useful in this suddenly much colder weather.

I have, therefore, made the decision to switch  out Cordelia for Juneberry in my current project priority list. I will finish Juneberry, then go back to Cordelia. I still think I can finish by Christmas and be ready to start either the new Sivia Harding club shawl that is due out about the end of December or knit the current one, called Oaken Dreams. It's beautiful!

My mother and brothers, on Long Island, are all still without power but all doing pretty well. Generators are in use. ; )

DH is chomping at the bit to get out on the water. He knows that soon he will be closing the boat up for the winter and doesn't really want that to happen. Thank goodness knitting and spinning don't have off seasons. I am not sure what I would do, so I have much sympathy for DH. Enough that even on days when I would much rather stay home, I will go on the boat with him and be a good sport about it. We have to wait another few days, though. The debris in the Chesapeake from the flooding is amazing and dangerous to someone on a boat, assuming that they want to stay on the top of the water, not in it! 

I have been spinning again. I spent a good part of Tuesday on my wheel, spinning all of the Black Welsh Mountain that I had prepped (I am on the third of 3 bobbins needed to ply). I have to prep more but my shoulder is not happy with that particular activity so it might be a while. I then moved on to spinning some lovely chocolate brown Shetland that we were given during the spinning retreat I attended a couple of weeks ago. I am trying to spin it very thin and plan to ply it with other fiber that we got at the retreat. Pictures will be added later.

I'd love to do some spindle spinning but that is another activity that is not advised due to my shoulder injury. It might be a partial rotator cuff tear, it might be tendinitis but either way over the shoulder positioning of the arm on the right is not good. I can do it but I'll be in pain the next day. Seems silly, doesn't it? I'll be good, at least for another few weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

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EGunn said...

I have the same problem with spindle spinning. It's most of why I stick to the wheel (though I do like to spindle, too!). I hope you have a few nice days left for boating, though I imagine there will be a bit of a chill in the air now!

Hope you find a good use for the Penumbra yarn, or that you find someone who will love it!