Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another FO!

It's not blocked yet, but the knitting is finished on the cowl I was knitting for the Ravelry group swap. I used a provisional cast on and slipped all of the stitches on waste yarn at the end so it can be easily grafted around the other cowl (the point of the exercise). YIPPEE! another project off the needles! Today is the day that the mystery cowl initial clue will be released, so I really feel good about finishing one before starting another. Of course, I still have to knit a second cowl just like the one I finished, this one for myself, to be grafted around the one my swap partner knitted and is sending to me.

I am doing pretty well finishing projects due to limiting my self to working on no more that 4 at a time. I still switch projects around to get variety, but the variety is limited enough that things actually get finished! I started that mystery shawl the other night but have now put it aside in order to work on the baby blanket. The due date is coming up soon and the mother mentioned the other day that she might have to stop working sooner than planned. I would love to give this to her in person rather than ship it, so I am pushing big time to finish it.

I have just about 2 inches to knit on the sleeve cap for Bob's sweater and then it will be time to start knitting the second sleeve. Close. So close to the finish.

I am going to try to get my husband to help with the Juneberry blocking this weekend. If he can do the basic pinning out (I can put the wires in without hurting my shoulder) then I can go back, I think, and fine tune the shaping. With any luck I will feel better when it's time to block Call me Cordelia, which I hope to get back to knitting soon.

I really need to get in a photo session so I can show off my progress. Maybe Friday ....

I had a horrible time getting to work today - accidents all over the roads, causing major traffic slow downs, which then led to more accidents. The the hail started to come down! What is normally about an hour drive was over 2 hours today. Ugh.

Have a good day

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EGunn said...

It sounds like you do have quite a line up for your photo shoot! I need to do one of those, too, but I don't have nearly as much to show.

I had to laugh a little at limiting yourself to "only" 4 projects at a time...I can barely balance two! It is funny how different we knitters can be. =)