Thursday, March 15, 2012


It has hit at or near 80 degrees for several days this week. Wow! I don't mind a few cool days in between but I REALLY hope we don't have snow or ice at this point.

Bob and I went to a fishing seminar last night. It ws very enjoyable and I am now excited about starting the fishing season. It's strictly catch and release at this time of year but I'm OK with that. We even bought a rod and reel for me last night!

I've started knitting my Wurm hat on my way in to work each day. I started the heel flap of the SKYP socks but haven't had much time to work on it. maybe tonight at Knit Nite at my LYS. I've started on the 8th pattern repeat of Topiary. This weekends plans include some fiber prep time and more plying. I also hope to get in a few rows on Topiary and the Swirl sweater. We'll see how much energy I have since we'll be doing weeding and garden prep plus the usual cleaning. I can feel the ache in my back already!

I hope to get new photos of all my WIPs for the blog this weekend so you can see what progress I have made. Hmm. I just mentioned a lot of things I plan to do over the weekend, didn't I? Too bad the weekends aren't all 3 days long .....

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EGunn said...

Isn't this warm weather amazing? Can't believe it's been so hot, really. I'd actually like it to go down 10-20 degrees so that we can have some real spring, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the sunshine!