Saturday, March 24, 2012

progress show and tell

This is  my Wurm hat. I loved the pattern so much for the neckwarmer that I decided to go ahead and make the hat for myself. It's a deep purple/blue. The band is folded over and knitted together with the live stitches.   

This is Elis, (Ravelery link because that's all I could find) being knitted with my handspun. I have been entranced by this stitch since I first saw it in a class put on by my knitting guild. After this  section with the Indian Cross stitch, I knit stockinette stitch for a while, then add another section of the Indian cross stitch. Then repeat, making it as wide as you wish. I like it a lot.

This is Topiary - about 4 feet long at this point, which is the half way point. Yippee! I made my Iknitarod goal!

This is the start of Wingspan, my other knit without much thought project. It is now waiting for me to go to NY the next time. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug direct from the store in Wales, carried back to the states by a friend. Thanks, Sharon.

ETA I ripped this back last night and started again using a larger needle. I thought the fabric was a bit stiff. I am much happier now. 

This is my indulgence. I don't need or really want more sock yarn, but when I saw and felt this in my LYS, I couldn't resist. There is cashmere in it! I plan to make socks, but they will be indulgence socks - worn only in bed on those cold winter nights. I can't wait!

Bob's sweater is still growing, though slowly. It's my pattern. What do you think?

The Swirl sweater is also growing, though not as fast as when I first started it. I estimate that I will finish it in time for vacation in September. The yarn is lovely to work with.

This is my newest project. So far I really like it. It's a test knit for Erica Gunn at Designknit and is the start of a Spiral Shawl. Go to her website to see her version. This start was on size 1.5 needles but I ripped after a while because the gauge wasn't right. I am now on size 3 needles and it's just right. I have about 4 inches knitted. I am using Knit Picks bare lace weight, dyed by me 2 years ago. I used deep green dye with resist in some areas, which I then removed and just barely dipped the yarn into the same dye to avoid white spots in the yarn.

This is the garden. Bob and eldest son roto-tilled on Thursday. Now we have furrows dug and I'll be planting soon. I'll start the seeds and if it freezes and kills them, I'll just plant more. ; )

Have a good weekend, all.


Melodye said...

FWIW they're callin for 32* Tuesday night! LOL

Melodye said...

FWIW they're callin for 32* Tuesday night! LOL

EGunn said...

You have been knitting like crazy! That jitterbug is a great color. I love how it shows off the texture of the garter stitch. Hope your little plants survive! I always plant early, and things are often a lot more frost-hardy than I think they'll be (especially spinach and mustard seems they'll live through anything).