Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fiber fanatic again

I seem to be back to normal again. I have knitting in my hands whenever I sit down and pick up the spindle and spin a bit at every opportunity. Thank goodness!

Work is good - I have lots of it but have made great progress on getting rid of the backlog. I no longer feel overwhelmed when I walk in the door.

I enjoyed hanging clean clothes on the line to dry again today. For the past few weeks it's been too much trouble for the way I felt. I LOVE line dried clothes and sheets!

I finished 2 of my 3 Iknitarod projects! The test knit hat is complete. It's a great knit and wonderful finished project. Angels kiss merino and alpaca is the yarn. The color is a sort of rust color. It looks more orange in the picture.

My brother's neck warmer is also complete. I used Plymouth superwash merino in a pretty blue. I enjoyed knitting with it despite the superwash part. I haven't enjoyed the hand of several superwash yarns I've touched lately. I knew, however, that this had to be a superwash wool unless I wanted it to be ruined after the first wash. It's really very nice and there is little to no Itch factor, a major issue with my brother. I used the Wurm hat pattern as my inspiration. I added a longer ribbed section at the top rather than closing it as for the hat. This way he can pull it up over his nose in the really cold weather and it should stay there.

My third Iknitarod project is to finish Topiary. I already know that I can't make that goal, but I can get to the half way mark and will work towards that. I have 6.5 pattern repeats done (rather than the 3 shown here in the photograph)

I also cast on today. I saw Wingspan on Ravelry and went stash diving to find yarn. I am using Colinette Jitterbug in a deep semi solid green color. I am going to like this, I think. I chose this project and a Wurm hat (also in the Plymouth superwash, but purple for me) for simple projects for trips to NY. My brother was diagnosed with throat cancer and will be going through radiation and chemo. I expect to be going to and from NY a lot for the next few months and need simple knits to keep my hands busy while allowing me to talk and visit with others. Both of these projects will work and neither one is too large to travel easily.

Spring is in the air. We have been talking about when to get the boat ready for the water and the timing of the tilling of the garden. I will be pruning a few shrubs tomorrow and maybe planting a few seeds.

Time to get back to knitting. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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EGunn said...

That's a lot of knitting! My work load has definitely been in overload land for a while, so I understand how much it throws off the fiber fanaticism. Glad to hear you're getting back to normal!