Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fever

It's a bit premature. It usually starts near the end of April. I want time off from work to clean (major spring cleaning) garden and do fiber things. I frequently schedule a week of vacation for this time of year and have enjoyed it every time I did it. This year I can't do that because of the need to go to NY in the next few months for my brother but WOW do I want to! It's such a struggle to go to work every day.

I have been knitting away on my test knit spiral shawl. I have gotten to the point of adding the first of the two additional increase areas, which means that the rows are getting longer faster now. I suspect my "inches of progress" will slow despite my "number of stitches progress" growing. It's going to be a great shawl.

I have been knitting on Elis also, since I need a simple knitting project for walking to and from the garage, etc. I have just started the last repeat of Indian Cross stitches. Sock progress has been made - both the Riff and the SKYP socks are mid-heel/gusset. Yippee! I think the cashmere blend sock yarn staring at me each night before bed is a spur to knitting on those other socks. ; )

That is all as far as  fiber progress is concerned. I had 2!! migraines on Tuesday. Despite being home from work, I made little progress due to the pain. No spinning or plying has happened but I plan to change that over the weekend. The plying will be finished this weekend. I have decided.  I'd like to do my spring clean out and rearranging of my fiber and yarn but I doubt that I will have time for that plus the plying ......

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EGunn said...

Spring itself was a bit premature this year. Or rather, summer came first. Both Branden and I noticed a distinct tendency to think of June as suddenly being right around the corner rather than the April we'd been expecting. I haven't been hit by the spring cleaning urge yet, but it's coming. I have a sneaky suspicion that it will be in full force after this weekend...

Hope you find time to clean and clear!