Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry ...

I keep meaning to write ........

The fulled singles are .... interesting. I don't know that I will repeat this project but I do know that it wasn't a complete failure. It dried, I wound it into balls and then re-skeined it, separating the strands from each other along the way. I am not sure what I will knit with it. Maybe nothing more than a swatch, since the colors are still not my colors. Funny how the fulling didn't change that. Ha!
ETA I gave it to someone who likes the colors and will appreciate it more. ; )

Eldest son's Greenery hat is coming along nicely. It's a little irritating to knit just because the handspun I am using is overtwisted, so the yarn wants to wind around itself until knitted. I like the pattern, though, and it shows up nicely despite the non-solid yarn I am using. I can see myself knitting this pattern again.

DH's sock is finished. I divided the ball into halves by weight (accurately, I hope). If we decide it needs to be longer, I'll search for a contrasting yarn to add length to the leg.

The Linen stitch scarf is creeping along. It's a good thing that a lot of us at the LYS are knitting it - we keep each other going, because this is a BORING project. It may be a lot narrower than originally intended. Or it might just drag out into the summer. There's really no rush in completing it since it is intended for a Christmas gift. I forgot to take a photo.

I haven't knitted any lace lately. I really have to get back to that. I have a few really pretty shawls on the needles.

Mom had cataract surgery on Wednesday. She had a rough day the day of surgery as far as pain, but it was better yesterday. I hope she's happy with the results. She is due to have the other eye done in a few weeks.

I haven't been spinning or exercising this past week at all. We went to NY to visit Mom last weekend and while we were there my back started acting up. I had nerve pain, not muscle spasms, and I was pretty miserable on Saturday. Thanks to lots of NSAIDs I am feeling better now and intend to gently start my exercises back up this weekend. Once I am moving normally again I'll cut back on the meds.

ETA My back was really hurting yesterday and it was muscle pain this time. DH used his strong hands and really mashed on the trigger points and spasms and it's better today. I did manage to do stretching and some of my exercises yesterday - that doesn't seem to make it worse. I'll do that again today to keep things mobile.

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