Friday, February 04, 2011

DH is sick

Nothing more need be said. You know how miserable my life has been the last few days just from those few words. Things are improving, though.

I decided to leave the neck edging the way it is on Slinky Ribs. I have to pick up 3 buttons and sew them on, then wear it. ; ) Photos this weekend, I hope.

Today I am wearing the Four Quarters sweater. That makes me happy. I am very close to bind off of the Zauberball socks for DH - I just need him to try them on to be sure the length is sufficient (I knitted them toe up). That also makes me happy.

I've been spinning Masham fiber on my spindle - it's very nice to spin. I haven't touched the wheel in almost a week but hope to do some of that (Finn) over the weekend.

I've been knitting on the lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I knitted 12 rows on Tuesday but only 6 more since then. Still, it's progress. I've also knitted a few rows each night on the double knit Honka scarf. I have not yet tackled the vest. It will take time and concentration to figure out where I am and what comes next. I have to either complete it or frog it this year. I am determined. I will try it on, see how it fits and decide. Just looking at it, I really like it and will continue to work on it. I just have to be sure that it's on track size and fit wise.

I've been watching HGTV in the evening lately - the House Hunter shows. I am especially interested in the International shows, where people look to buy in a country foreign to them for a vacation house or to live there. I was fascinated last night to see a young woman, a paramedic in Scotland, move to southern Italy and buy a house, knowing that she didn't have a job there! Obviously, if you are going to do something like that, the time to do it is when you have no family to worry about, but still! To have no job or job prospects and to buy a house in a foreign county is scary to me. Does that scare or inspire you?

My LYS is having a pajama party KAL tonight. The project is a linen stitch scarf made with 3 skeins of Claudia's handpainted sock yarn. It's a cute project and I love the colors available. I think I might go but not knit on that project. I don't need another scarf, even though that one is nice. Maybe I should choose colors that my friend Cheryl would like and make it for Christmas for her. Hmmm .... that's a thought.

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