Friday, November 26, 2010

I am out of sorts today

DH decided to go to Best Buy at the horrific hour of 2 AM to wait in line to try to get eldest son a laptop that he had seen advertised. I admit that it was a really good deal, but I am very much against the stores opening at those terrible hours for shopping, so I balked. He was firm. We scoped out the situation at 9 PM and there were several tents and lots of people already in line. He persevered and I woke him as requested at 2 AM. Eldest son was also up - he had to be at work at 3:30AM! I could not get back to sleep, of course, and was awake until 5:30 when DH returned home, empty handed. I am, as a result, out of sorts today.

Normally I would have been out the door at about 9, try for the "not so early bird" specials. This morning I was asleep until 9:30 and slow moving when I did get up. Most of the good sales are over and I'm really not in the mood anyway. The grey day doesn't help. What I really want to do is to spin and knit the day away and try shopping tomorrow. Maybe it will be a more pleasant experience then - people will not be sleep deprived and crazed from it and the rush to grab the deal before anyone else gets there.

I knitted on my sweater front/back yesterday and have about 10 inches of knitting to show for it. I also plied the Wensleydale that I had on my spindles. I don't know the yardage yet - it's still on my plying spindle, but that will change today. I am not sure whether I will then spin my new fiber or keep up with the Wensleydale and finish it. I also knitted on my handspun shawl. Maybe today I will have the brain power to pick up the stitches for the neck band of Slinky Ribs and get that done. Picking up stitches is never a favorite thing to do because I always pick them up at the wrong ratio and end up with too few or too many. Then I rip out and re-do, sometimes multiple times. : (

I think a bit of spinning will help put me in a better mood. I am off to spin some back wool on my wheel for a while. Have a good day.

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