Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching up


We were out on the boat both days last weekend (caught dinner, too!) and one day this weekend. The days have been beautiful - sunny and warm (for this time of year) and as long as I had enough clothing along to deal with the dropping temps once the sun went down, I was comfortable. We've had lots of fun.

I have knit the two fronts (or backs, depending on which you prefer) of this sweater 3 times. I think the third time was the charm. On each previous knit I ran out of the yarn for each section. This time I added some Cascade 220 in black to the bottom edge and the shoulders (I thought that having the black in two places would look less like I ran out of yarn and more like I planned it that way. Did it work?) and I was able to complete each section without a problem. I used short rows rather than binding off as some others had suggested and I think I like it. Now it's time to cast on for the other two sections. Good football knitting, which is good, since it's Sunday. : )

This is the start of the Keelin Hat by Bonnie Marie Burns that I started on Friday for Mom. The yarn is a heathery olive green, one of her favorite shades. Her hair is really short right now, thanks to the two surgical procedures she's had in the last few months, and I am sure that in the cold weather, that will be uncomfortable. I thought I'd try to fix that fashionably. So far the instructions have been clear and easy to follow. The error that caused me to rip out 4 rows was my fault for forgetting to follow an instruction adding stitches despite having read the instruction.

Spinning silk - progress has been slow lately but I did some on the boat yesterday while DH looked for fish to catch. (BTW we did catch lots, but all too small to keep)

Vampire Boyfriend sock - heel flap just about complete and time to turn the heel.

When I first started to spin, I bought all kinds and colors of fibers because I had in mind to knit a "tropical shawl". That never materialized and the handspun yarn has been sitting there, taking up space. Recently I decided to put it to use. I searched for a pattern and found a variation of feather and fan with cables in a Barbara Walker stitch dictionary that I really like. It will work in the horizontal format I want and show off the varied handspun yarns.

To the right you can see the other yarns I am considering for this wrap. To the left you can see the wrap progress to date.

I am still spinning the Wensleydale fiber. I am determined to finish this and start on a shawl. To the left you see the semi solid color that Amy at Spunky Eclectic dyed for me and to the right you see the original colorway (perfect storm). I had intended to ply the two together, but I didn't like the way it looked. I now plan to ply like to like and then use both in a project with the darker color as a trim or edging.

P.S The Ravens won!!!!! It's a good day. ; ))

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