Saturday, December 04, 2010

How many layers can one person wear and still move?

The start of this post was written on Wednesday:

We are going fishing this coming weekend. DH gave me the option to cancel, but we are going. I will not wimp out. I have a lot of Hot Hands and Toasty Toes (those warmer things that you can slip into gloves/socks), a lot of gloves and mittens (hand knitted, of course), long underwear, wool socks (again, hand knitted), head/ear coverings and a water/wind proof jacket. No, it’s not predicted to be below zero. Yes, it is much colder on the water than on land. The forecast temps are in the high 30s to low 40s, and the wind is forecast to be in the 10 mph range, which adds a bit of a chill factor. There’s only so much you can move around on a boat under way, so there’s a limit on exercising to warm yourself up. But we’re going and I. will. Enjoy. And we had better come home with at least one fish, darn it!

I spindle spun some Wensleydale last night – that stuff is so nice to spin! I’ll put less on each spindle this time, though. The last batch I spun was hard to fit on the plying spindle. I still haven’t plied the 3 ply. : (

DH got a flu shot on Monday. He felt it on Tuesday. Thankfully it only lasted a day or so. I don’t take them any more. I get the flu (fever, aches, cough) for 3 days, so it’s not worth it to me. I haven’t gotten the flu since we lived in Colorado. Watch, this year, because I put it in writing, I’ll be sick.

I am planning to bring some fibery stuff with me on our fishing trip. Depending on my weather tolerance, there may be a day that I send DH on the boat alone, I may be able to pull my fingers out of mittens (leaving the fingerless mitts on) and knit while on the boat, and there are evenings. I draw the line at night time fishing in December. I’ll bring my spindle spinning (Wensleydale and llama). Both of those projects are nearing completion. I’ll bring eldest son’s afghan (that’s for on the boat knitting), a sock (for meals) and a lace project (for alone time, if any). Maybe the double knit scarf I’ve been working on for 2 years will jump in the bag, too. I’d really like to finish that and wear it.

I really enjoy reading the yarn Harlot’s blog. She is so funny – often she gives me a much needed reason to laugh. I don’t usually get caught up in what she is knitting other than admiring it – her tastes and mine are not all that similar. One thing she did this year that I am contemplating copying is the self imposed sock club. The difference – mine will be mostly mens socks. I will go through my stash and pull out everything that is man friendly. Then I will search the web and my books for man friendly patterns and match them up. When I run out of man friendly yarn, I’ll plan out socks for my female family members – mom, SIL , aunt, etc. This, I think, is a worthy imitation.

Written on Saturday:

I was at work on Friday instead of heading to VA for fishing. The forecast changed, the winds were forecast to be 15-20 mph with gusts higher than that. Waves were forecast to be 3-4 feet. In the summer that might not be as significant, but in the winter, with all of the layers we would have been wearing, we would have been less agile making a fall overboard in rough waters more likely. Water temps in the 52 degree area do not make falling overboard a little thing. We opted out for safety reasons. Darn! I was really ready to go - I had a bad day at work and every little thing that went wrong was even worse because I "shouldn't have been there".

Today we started the outside holiday decorating, trimmed a couple of bushes and a few other chores. Fishing would have been better ..... To make matters worse, the winds were much lower than forecast, so we cancelled for nothing. Grrrr.

Tonight is shopping, then collapse and knit until bed. Tomorrow is more outdoor decorating and then football. GO RAVENS!!!!

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