Thursday, April 08, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I got my classes! Woot! I will be taking a half day class on plying with Maggie Casey and a full day of spinning with Judith McCuin. By the time Sunday afternoon comes, I will be exhausted but I will have so much fun and will, I hope, have learned a lot.

My classes are on Thursday and Friday, so I will have the entire festival time to browse the booths. My basic plan is to scan for patterns, samples, whatever, that inspire me. I plan to buy lots of stitch markers. I have three notions kits set up (wouldn't mind a forth) and I need more stitch markers to fill up those kits. This should be a great chance to buy some cute, practical stitch markers. I might get another drop spindle. If I find a sweaters worth of yarn that I just can't live without or a totally unique yarn, I might make a yarn purchase. Otherwise I will try to resist that temptation. I'm going to try to resist buying fiber, too. I have a lot. We'll see how that goes.

I am planning to stay for at least some of the spinning time on Saturday evening. It's a nice, relaxed time to spin, play with new purchases, check out other spinning wheels, spindles and methods of spinning. They do a few games and contests, too, with prizes. Not that I usually win anything ....

Bike riding happened again yesterday. I swallowed a bug! UGH big time. It was near the end of my ride, I was hot and short of breath (that's what exercise is supposed to do, right?) so my mouth was open. In flew a bug, practically down my throat, and I swallowed reflexively. I was grossed out for hours. I should be happy that it wasn't a bee, but I'm not all that grateful. : (

I didn't quite manage to finish my spiral square last night. I was tired and turned out the lights for sleep with about 8 rounds to go. I am only about 3 rows from toe decreases on the Log Cabin socks, though. Thank goodness for meeting knitting. ; )


Angela said...

Ewww so gross about the bug! I have had that happen before and it is the worst. It is probably better not knowing what kind of bug it was!

Can't wait for Sheep & Wool! Getting the classes you want is so exciting!

elizabeth said...

You will LOVE Maggie Casey! She's so wonderful, and makes everything so easy!

Ugh on the bug! I went to bed after my husband recently and when I turned on the light, I saw one of those little jumping spiders ON HIS PILLOW! I woke him up and killed it for him, since he didn't know what the heck was going on! *shiver*