Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knitting photos. finally.

The pattern is the Curved Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I'm calling this one Sunspots. I love the circles in the pattern and the color is just wonderful - so deep, shifting and warm. It looks like a blob when just lying there, but when it's stretched out (as it will be when blocked), it really looks good, I think. The yarn is rather dark (at least in spots) and fine, so I pretty much knit on this in the daylight and avoid night time knitting. The yarn, Cinnamon's Dye Pot, is nice to work with.

This is a very poor picture of DH's almost complete sweater. I didn't realize until it was too late that the photo was so dark. This is actually a white sweater. One sleeve is complete and the other is nearly so. I haven't had much knitting time this week for various reasons. I think I can finish it this weekend, though.

This is my purple alpaca garter stitch shawl. The pattern is Mara and the yarn is Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca sport, gifted to me several years ago my my MIL. I think it will be a cozy, comfy wrap. I have enough yarn to knit about 5 more rows (the rows last forever at this point. I am afraid to count the stitches because that might deter me from knitting on it. LOL) and then it will be time to bind off and block.

This sock is intended for DH. It is one of Cat Bordhi's constructions - sidestream. I had some trouble figuring out the placement of the gusset and heel flap. Right now it is languishing because he's not going to wear wool socks for a while but he will wear the white sweater. That has a higher priority.

This is one of 20 squares to be knit for the spiral stole in Knitters magazine. I am on # 5 of 20.

Two unblocked squares.

The Lily of the Valley scarf, complete but still unblocked. I love it and have no excuse for not having it blocked yet.

Log Cabin Socks, both complete except for weaving in the ends on the second sock. As I looked at the two socks lying next to each other, I realized that the second is longer than the first. At the subsequent fitting session I verified that I do, indeed have two feet the same length and two socks of different lengths. I frogged about 4 inches of knitting and am ready to start the toe earlier. As soon as I have time to knit. They are very cozy, warm socks, though and I will love having them next winter. This is Rowan Purelife BFL yarn.

The garden has not yet been tilled for planting. We've had rain every few days for a while and the ground has not dried out enough for tilling. My tomato seeds that I planted inside have sprouted. We'll see whether I am able to keep them alive until I can put them outside. I plan to start some green bean and cucumber seeds inside this weekend.

I have to go buy 2 new tires today. When I got to my car last night I noticed a glint from the tire. Glint? Tire? They are rubber - they shouldn't glint. Metal showing through is not a good sign. The metal support for the tire is showing through the rubber because it is worn down too far in that area. DH put the spare tire on last night (at 9 PM, poor guy) and I have to go today to get the new tires. There goes another several hundred dollars, darn it. If only there was adequate mass transpo here, I'd leave the driving to "them".

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Sandra said...

Glinting tires is not good. Cars - can't live without them, can't afford to keep them! I just replaced my car with a 2010, and I hope to get a good 15 years out of it...
The knitting is gorgeous. Jusst gorgeous - the Sunspots shawl is really lovely.