Monday, April 19, 2010

I am off sleeve island

It's true! The white sleeves are complete! And they fit! They are (close to ) the same length! The stitches have been picked up for the collar (crew neck) and about 4 rounds were knit. I plan to decrease some stitches in the next round to pull the collar in (it's a bit too wide right now, but I expected that) and knit about 6 more rounds before binding off. That's the plan, anyway.

The Log Cabin socks re-knit was finished on Thursday and those socks have been safely tucked away for next year.

6 spiral squares are complete. 14 to go. Angela got a late start but is catching up. She's on # 4. It's a good thing that other projects are winding down.

I've been spinning on my drop spindle and really enjoying that, but I have to get my spinning butt in gear and ply my singles so I can free up some bobbins for my classes at MD Sheep and Wool. At least one pair of bobbins should be cleared before class. The other pair might wait - it is a plying class, after all.

Indoor cleaning happened this week. The weather was nice and then cold and then nice and then chilly .... I just stayed inside, tending to things that needed doing anyway. Soon (in a few weeks) the seeds and plants will be in the ground. I'll be spending lots of time outdoors after that.

DH had a disappointing weekend. It was the official opening of the trophy striped bass season. The wind gods didn't know that (or maybe they did!) and created a mess on the bay. DH stayed home, safe and sound. He'll be out there tomorrow, though ...

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