Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bike riding

I hate bike riding, always have. I need exercise, though, and this seemed a relatively inexpensive way to get it done. I started about 3 weeks ago, lost a week (between allergy attacks and rainy weather ) and have done a pretty good job of riding at least 5 times/week. Mondays and Thursdays are not likely to be bike riding days due to my schedule, but the rest are expected (by me) to be. I've increased the distance I ride (admittedly not far at first) twice already. At the first sign that I am not struggling to make it back to the house I increase the distance. I am actually proud of my self for that. I hope to remember to use the car today when I go home to see how far I am currently riding. It makes me feel better to know numbers. Whatever works, right?

I got about 2/3 of a spiral square knitted last night, and knitted about 4 rounds on the sock. I hope to do better tonight, and maybe get a photo or two of the new shawl.

Enjoy the day.

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