Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweater Blocking photos

This is a close up  of the stitch patterns.

Here's one sleeve. As you can see, it only has the dark blue on the cuff. I like that.
Now the back. I have already attached front to back at the shoulders. It made blocking a little trickier but I managed. 
The fronts.
The entire sweater, blocking on the back deck. It was lovely outside by that time of the day.

This is my new project - I have swatched for the Elemental boatneck in IK.( I have not abandoned the white cotton sweater for DH but I need something else to knit for hand and wrist rest and for my sanity. Ribbing, it seems, is even more boring that stockinette. I suppose that's because I have to pay attention to it instead of being able to knit on autopilot.)  Here is my swatch.

These are the photos on the IK site and in the magazine. They seem to be the same thing.

The charts in the magazine, however, would have you knit something else. I am knitting what is in the photos. I did try the charts but didn't like the pattern that resulted. The twisted rib chart, for instance, appears to tell me to k1tbl, K1 and repeat. No purl. I tried it but didn't like it.

The linen stitch chart tells me to K1, K1wyf, k2 and repeat for the first row. I tried that and didn't like the way that looked either, so I reverted to the linen stich I have seen before - K1, K1wfy repeat. Much better, and, I believe, what is in the photos of the garment. I have emailed IK but haven't heard from them yet. I also emailed the desinger but haven't heard from her yet, either. It was the weekend, so I have to be more patient. The lace chart appears to be correct. I hope the rest of the instructions are right, and that I have hit all of my major snags in this project at the beginning. ; )

ETA I just had confirmation from the designer that I was right about the charts- they are wrong. The designer says that she submitted the patterns without charts- the stitch patterns were written out, not graphed. Now I am free to knit. Yippee!

It's my birthday so I plan to take it easy, rest my foot and enjoy the day with knitting in hand.

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Angela said...

Beautiful Linda! (But isn't your knitting always?)

I especially love the solid sleeves with the dark cuff - can't wait to see the finished product!