Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer is coming tomorrow

I scraped ice off my windshield at 6 AM and tomorrow I will be wearing shorts and a T shirt on the boat. Very weird. But nice. I am ready for some sunny, warm weather.

I started the shaping for the armscye of my Blue striped sweater last night. That means the end is in sight! Within a week or so I should be finished with the knitting and be seaming the pieces together. I am anxious to see this sweater finished and wear it.

We plan on some boating tomorrow. DH and eldest son wanted to go striped bass fishing and I agreed to go with them. That was a great leap of faith on my part because I agreed several weeks ago when spring was still new. I am looking forward to some quality knitting time in the sunshine. I'll be working on DH's white cotton sweater and, I think, my grey striped vest. Sock and lace knitting is hard on a boat - too much rocking for such fine yarn.

ETA I went to my LYS today and bought yarn. I think I will be swatching tomorrow.  I like the IK pattern for a linen stitch top made with Hemapthy. I have been wanting to knit with that yarn for quite a while. Now I have the perfect reason to buy it - and I won't even have to do any finagling with the pattern because Hempathy is the yarn used for the project. How lucky was that?! The yarn I bought is #28 - a pretty blue green color. I was pretty sure that I would buy the deep purple - I like it a lot. But when I held the colors to my face in the light, the other color was more flattering on me. I actually used common sense and bought the color that looked better instead of the one I wanted just because.   ; )

I have another project in mind to make. Believe it or not, I am planning to make this sweater from The reason it may be hard to believe is that it is knitted with sock yarn. Not doubled.  Sock yarn. The designer used Trekking and I like that yarn a lot, so I may use it. Another choice is Araucania Itata  in either the turquoise and blue colorway or the purple, grey, cranberry colorway. I am just not sure which one to use. The Trekking will cost less and I know how it will last. The Itata has silk and bamboo in it and shines.  Well, that decision does not have to be made today. 

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival take place in a couple of weeks. I can't wait! I do enjoy browsing and being inspired. I have learned to make a list, set my priorities and stick to them. As much as possible, anyway. I am human, after all. ; )

I enjoy the Skein and Garment display as much as the shopping, and the sheep to shawl contest is cool to watch. Sheep to shawl begins with the shearing of a sheep in the early morning, followed directly by spinning of the fleece (yes, it is dirty) and weaving into a shawl of a pre-determined design. Very cool. There is a spinning gathering in the evening on Saturday that I hope I will have the endurance to sit through (because of my foot). I enjoy spinning but I also enjoy looking at what everyone else is doing. I will be taking the following Monday off from work. I learned that the first time I spent an entire day at the festival.

Enjoy your weekend.

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