Monday, July 21, 2008

summer vacations

All over blog world, people are taking summer vacation from blogging. I am not going to go that far, but I have stopped making excuses for gaps between posts. ; )

One sleeve for the lace hemp top is back to where it was when I discovered our (mine and the layout person/tech editor of that pattern) error and I have ripped back the second sleeve and have knit a couple of inches on that. Soon I will be ready to complete the last few inches of sleeve in the sound and attach them to the body of the sweater. Yippee!

The hemp top and my sock are where my knitting efforts have gone due to the deadline to get the lace top complete for entry into the fair. I did make a few swatches for DH's cotton sweater yesterday. I had a bad headache that did not allow me to count lace stitches. Stockinette and a few color changes was just the thing. I managed 2 rows on the Northern Star shawl before the symbols overwhelmed me (because of the headache, not because they are difficult). I wanted to spin but the headache was less intense outside (in the humidity) and since the temps were in the 90s, it was way too hot for wool to be wrapped around my wrist. : (

Saturday was Bobs birthday. He was off but the boat is sitting in our yard sans motor for some major repairs, so no boating for the birthday boy. Instead, he puttered out there, setting up a canopy to provide shade, sun curtains for the morning hours and protection from rain (we haven't had much rain for the last week or so but now that he needs things to be dry, we will get some every day, according to the weather maps), and removing hardware. Being Bob, all of the items he removed are labeled clearly and sitting in our kitchen, waiting for the time to be re-attached. I then took him to Lone Star Steakhouse for a very yummy and decidedly not heart-healthy meal. I will tell you about my attempts to bake his cake from scratch (instead of a mix) at another time. Suffice it to say that I had dessert out and he didn't have any. grimace.

Sunday was a return to work for Bob and walking and cleaning and (I thought) spinning for me. That didn't go as planned, either, but my car got vacuumed. big grin.

The monitor visit that was scheduled for this week isn't happening (the person who scheduled it left the company and didn't tell anyone about it), but I have just about all of the work done, so when it does happen in August, probably, there won't be any prep. ; )

Tonight is my late night at work, walking when I get home, then shower, 1 pattern repeat on the sleeve and bed. Maybe tomorrow I can get in some of that spinning.

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