Friday, July 25, 2008

Socks complete!

My travel socks are finished! I was being treated to a decadent dessert (my prize for coming closest to guessing the yardage on some fiber that Karen spun last year) on Wednesday and we were just about to leave after enjoying forbidden chocolate with brownie chunks, whipped cream and hot fudge when the skies opened. Serious thunder and lightening was going on and there was a heavy deluge. We decided not to leave at that time and sat back down to wait "for a few minutes" until the rain let up. 45 minutes later I had not only finished knitting the sock but also bound off and had the ends woven in. We did finally leave, though I had to put my sweatshirt over my head and make a run for my car (which I had parked at the far end of the lot because I thought we could use the longer walk after indulging ourselves that way). 

The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in the Tuscana colorway and the socks feel very cushiony. I knitted them on size 1 needles. I use the same size needle for almost all of my socks, but after knitting with thicker sock weight yarn (like Jitterbug or Claudia's) for a while, I will have to use 0s on my thinner sock weight yarn (like TrekKing, which I still really like) in the future. I hope they will last longer being knit tighter.

My new travel project is the Montego Bay scarf. I cast on for a while ago and then didn't let myself knit on it so that I would finish projects already in the works. It's not as easy to work on while walking etc. because of the weight of the yarn (lace) making it hard to feel the stitches on the needle. But I love the yarn and the colors and this will be a nice change from socks for me.

The sleeves of the hemp lace top are near completion. One sleeve is actually at the length I need it to be and the other is about 2 pattern repeats away (2.5 inches). This weekend I hope to join sleeves to body and knit to the end.

I may also (if I am too tired to count stitches for lace) do my last swatch for DHs sweater - both a last gauge check and a last stripe pattern check. It is stockinette and is therefore easier to work on when tired. He rarely asks for anything to be knit for him so I am very happy to be working on this sweater. Hopefully, since I have learned alot about knitting since my first sweater attempt for him, this one will look and fit better.  the body of the sweater will be white, with Nautica-inspired stripes of color across the chest. Here's one swatch, which I think he's decided against

and here's the swatch of the stripe design that I think he'll choose

The last swatch will be the same stripes and colors, but will have the wide blue stripes at the outside and the narrower stripes towards the center.

This weekend will also be help Bob with his work on the boat. He is ripping out the transom (the back piece where the motor attaches)and re-build it. I will help as much as I can since Bob is saving a lot of money by doing this himself, and it's a messy, hot, miserable job.

Have a great weekend and remember to hug someone you love.

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