Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am knitting, I promise....

You just can't tell. I have frogged almost as much as I have knitted lately. ; (

While I was at Mom's over the weekend, I frogged (yet again) the cotton/linen wool in the woods tank top I have been trying to make. I just can't get the thing going so that it will fit and look right. I think I am on the right track now, but I thought that before.....

I have done well with the lace hemp top. I have 12 inches knitted on each sleeve. I have come to a point where I need the Knit Doctor's input - there is something in the pattern that I don't understand - but as soon as that is straightened out I will get back to it. I am so close I can taste it. I plan to get this top finished in time for the county fair at the end of July. This project is both a joy to knit and will be a very wearable item. It is something that will be wearable all year - with a turtle neck under it in the winter and a cami in the warmer weather.

ETA since I wrote this post, I met with the Knit Doctor and found that most of the arms had to be amputated. I have learned to scan instructions for the words "at the same time" but this one didn't say that. Regardless of my feelings on how they laid the pattern out, I did not understand what they meant to say and I will have a garment that looks good, that I am proud to wear, so back to the frog pond I went. I have a few inches to go on one sleeve and then I have to rip the second one and re-knit most of it.

My travel sock is up to the ankle and heading towards the leg. I have started (again. I think this is the 4th try) to make my own version of the Northern Star scarf from Arctic Lace . I am making a stole version and so have added an extra repeat of the edge pattern on each side. I am using the Jojoland yarn that I originally purchased to make the swirl shawl. I like it in this shawl much better. I haven't done any spinning except a little drop spindling over the weekend and I am feeling withdrawal symptoms. Maybe Friday.

This is the pond in my mother's yard. Bob and I dug that pond (by hand except for a roto tiller) many years ago when our backs were a lot healthier. The pond is gorgeous - Mom has a very green thumb and especially now that she devotes all of her time to gardening, it is thriving. She keeps Koi and they are fruitful and have been multiplying. Apparently many people try unsuccessfully to breed their koi. Not my Mom. She doesn't try at all and there are many more fish there than she put in the pond a few years ago! My brothers just rebuilt her waterfall and she is always moving plants around... some how my garden never looks as ...graceful...peaceful..lush... I am not sure which word I am looking for... as hers. Oh, well.

I have more examples of her creativeness in the garden and her green thumb. It is really disappointing that I did not inherit much of this trait from her.

Well, I am off to try some spinning and knitting. I started this post several days ago, got busy and had internet connectivity issues and have just gotten back to it, so it is now Friday evening. Have a great weekend. Maybe I can get some pictures tomorrow of the knitting that I am sure you don't believe I am doing. If I don't have a major ripping session again tonight.

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