Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I don't kill everything I try to grow

This is my vegetable garden. Closest to the fence you see my green bean plants, and out from there are the cucumber plants. Both have been pretty prolific so far this year. The green pepper plant looks good and has baby peppers on it.

Out further (from where I was standing to take the photo) I have blueberry and tomato plants. 1 of 3 blueberry plants looks like it is doing well, and one of the tomato plants is doing well, the other two not so much. I may have overdone the fertilizer that I used when I planted and DHs theory is that the plants are doing not as well the further down the line in the direction the rain runs (and therefore being over-fertilized or burned)

I stayed pretty simple with the ornamentals this year - sweet potato vines in the baskets:

and petunias

I did plant a few other things but these were posing prettily so they were photographed. LOL

Here is one sleeve of my hemp lace top - the other looks the same but shorter. giggle

I didn't take any photos of the body of the sweater because you can't really see the lace when it is laying flat - you need something under it to show it off properly and I don't want to risk loosing stitches right now just to take a photo. Finishing the sleeve and attaching everything together so the remainder of the sweater can be knitted is my main goal, and I have just 8 days to go. gulp.

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