Tuesday, March 04, 2014

We dodged that bullet!

We had snow, don't get me wrong, but only about 4-5 inches and that is so much better than what they were initially predicting!

I did get my snow day and spent it doing some cleaning and re-organizing, spinning on the wheel!!!!!, and knitting. I started the seed stitch edging on the second sleeve last night and expect to finish it tonight, rip out the other sleeve edging and re-knit that. Next up is the front edging! Woohoo!.

I did some swatching over the weekend. I like knitting with Cascade Pastazza. I am going to make the basic hoodie from Chic Knits, the lace version. It's just a bit of a lace panel right near the front bands so it will still be a simple knit. I am not sure that I will have enough yarn for the hood but I am OK with having to knit a collar if that happens.

I also swatched with louet linen yarn that has been in my stash for quite a while. I tried size 4 needles first and that didn't look right so I am swatching again on size 3. We'll see. For now I am content to swatch. I really liked that Pastazza and am tempted to buy more from people's stash. I can see a very nice felted bag with some of those colors ..... Oh, but I am on a yarn diet, so No. I will not do that. sigh.

I had a great time spinning! I stopped after about 15 minutes so that I wouldn't over-do and that worked well. I spun just a little of a pretty, fun batt and then went back to my shetland spinning, which I have missed. It took a little while for the spinning from the fold to come back but it did and was so relaxing. I get home late tonight and tomorrow but I hope to fit in a few minutes each night so I get back in the groove. ;-)

While cleaning and re-organizing, i reviewed my WIPs and in house yarn stash. Last year I missed both my spring and fall review of yarn stash, and I haven't gone though any of the yarn that lives in the shed but it felt good to go through what was in the house and what I re-claimed from the frogging of projects during the Ravellenics. Once the shed is more accessible i will go through all of that yarn, possibly de-stash/give some and then try to find projects for the yarn I have instead of finding projects and having to buy yarn to match. I also plan to look the stash over with an eye to finding projects for the odd balls or small yardage items rather than hoarding them forever. When I need an instant gratification project, that's where I will go.

Spring frequently makes me feel this way and I am glad to see that even though there is (more) snow on the ground, Things in my life are returning to normal from the previous get though cancer treatment stage. :-)

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EGunn said...

Glad that things are getting back to normal! Fortunately, we missed the last big snowstorm, but we are still waiting for the last 8 inches to melt in the yard (it was 10 yesterday, though, so there is hope!).