Sunday, March 30, 2014

The holiday stuff is away

Finally, the last of the Christmas stuff (dishes, decorations, etc.) is gone from the guest room. It's almost Easter! Mom is coming for a visit soon and we needed the room. The work that had to be done in the storage area is complete so the storage bins are gone. yippee!

Terraform is now my travel project. I decided to get back to working on WIPs, so the convertible mitts, the hoodie, a sock and a shawl will all be in the rotation. Once two of those are completed, I will add another WIP to finish. I would really like to finish the socks from last years Tour de Sock before this years episode starts. That means that the Maze socks will be first up, and hopefully finished by the end of April. The Chicane socks will be finished by the end of May. I never did start the last sock of that season so I feel no need to start and finish it before the tour starts again. I bought yarn for it, but no rush.

The hoodie is going well. I have knitted about 2-3 inches of body below the arm scye and it seems to fit well. I would knit on just that if I could. I like knitting with the cascade Pastazza.

It's raining. It is supposed to rain all weekend. Ugh. At least the temps are higher. It's actually good knitting weather. Unfortunately, there are other things to do. My spinning stuff - fiber, tools, etc - was all pushed into the guest room for the holiday. Now that Mom is coming for a visit, I have to decide what to do with it. I really don't want to just push it all out to the living room in messy piles like it was before. I have to think of a storage solution.

I have a mid week weekend coming up this week. I am taking Wednesday off to spent time with friends. Karen used to live here and we spent quite a bit of time together knitting and also walked 4 miles together 4 days/ week or so. She moved to California several years ago and I haven't seen her since. She is coming for a visit, staying with Nancy and they are both coming to spend the day on Wednesday! We have plans to knit and/or spin, I am going to try to learn to make rolags and I will also attempt surgery on Rob's Lebowski sock with Karens support. (I left out several rows of the pattern on the leg so one leg is shorter than the other). It will be great spending time together.

Have a great Sunday.

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EGunn said...

I keep finding remnants of Christmas in our living room, too. I think I have them all put away and then "poof!" there's another one. I'll probably get them all wrangled into boxes in November, just in time to take them out again!