Monday, April 29, 2013

My Birthday

I had a wonderful  birthday on Saturday. I sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine. I knitted, I relaxed and did nothing that resembled work. ; )

DH made a very yummy shrimp scampi for dinner, with an accompanying salad! Yes, I had a salad! It is one of the things that I had been doing without since chemo started and it was delish! We had apple pie with chocolate ice cream for dessert. My sons both gave me plants for my birthday. I have an orchid and a bromeilad to care for now. I hope I don't kill them in the first month ..... I will post pictures soon.

On Sunday I did some laundry, some weeding (it takes along time to weed all of the garden beds we have with my lack of exercise tolerance) and some knitting. Angela invited me to come to her place for a chat and knit session and that was great. Her family even presented me with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to me!

The Juego Mystery KAL is no longer. I haven't frogged it yet but I will. I am just not happy with it and I love the yarn too much to waste it. I think Angela will drop out also since she is not enjoying the knitting of it. I did, however, find a very interesting shawl for us to knit and I believe we are going to order the yarn and get going on this shortly. It is the Now in a minute shawl from  I love the idea of  knitting with gradient skeins to enhance this pretty shawl pattern. I don't have any idea how to dye and spin for this on my own and the price of the yarn is very reasonable.

My two main projects right now are the Pine Forest Baby Blanket and the Marian Tunic. Once the baby blanket is finished, I think I will pick up Topiary again. I would love to finish it before the hot weather gets here. If I can get 2 projects off the needles before starting that new shawl I will be thrilled. I have the whole summer to finish up the small projects like socks, mitts and gloves.


EGunn said...

Glad you had a happy birthday! Didn't know you had to avoid salad while doing chemo, but I'm glad you got it back again!

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