Friday, May 03, 2013

Juego is no more

I ripped it out 2 nights ago and started knitting Whipporwill with the light color yarn (from Creatively Dyed yarns), will use the deep purple (Jitterbug)  for the accent color near the bottom. I am very happy.

The baby blanket is coming along nicely. I sort of got sidetracked with the shawl thing but since the baby is due in a week or so, I had better get cracking!

Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is here! I am going, for just a few hours on Sunday, with Melanie and her children. I have to stay away from the creatures, wear sun block and take a few other precautions, but I can go! I don't need to buy anything - I just want the atmosphere and the inspiration. We will have fun, I am pretty sure, and help each other stay in line with purchases. ; )

On a very sad note, eldest son's cat died on Wednesday. It was a sudden and an ugly death but at least we were with her. She was his cat for sure but we all became very attached to her and her part in our daily lives. Her death leaves a huge hole in our lives.


EGunn said...

Sorry to hear about your cat! Hope you have fun at MDSW. =)

Anonymous said...

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