Friday, April 12, 2013

I am finished!!!!!

Chemo treatments are over! No more! Pretty soon I will be able to eat the things I have been having to forgo and  starting right now I won't be making several trips to the infusions center every 2 weeks! Stage one of cancer treatment is over and we are now moving into the planning stages for stage 2 , which is surgery. Tests are scheduled for the last week of April.

I have completed 40 repeats of the band for the Marion Tunic. That is one half of the band that goes from front to back. Now I start on the bottom band. That's 15 repeats. Then I pick up a zillion stitches for the right side of the body and knit the open work pattern. It will be a while before this piece is finished, but I am determined.

Meanwhile I have just ordered yarn to make a baby blanket for my baby brother and his almost wife, who are expecting their little girl in mid May. A sweater would have been quicker but they don't last as long, so a blanket it will be. I haven't decided on the pattern yet but picked the color and the yarn. ;-)

Also on the knitting front, I have completed Rob's Riff socks! Finally. :-( I was bad and took a long time to finish these off, but they look good. Hopefully they will last. Next up is finishing Bob's socks. I am doing ribbing up the legs, so they are good travel socks to work on. Simple. Small. To be finished soon, I hope.

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EGunn said...

Yay! Glad to hear that the chemo is done! Sounds like your knitting mojo is well on its way to a full recovery, too. =)