Saturday, February 02, 2013

Completed hat!

The hat I have been working on recently is finished. It's called the Madreselva Hat . I wanted to use some handspun and I needed a warm hat, so ......

I have received many little goodies and cards in the mail, cheering me up and reminding me how many friends I have. Here is a little goodie from Elisabeth in Norway. A beautiful card and fridge magnet.

Karen, who knows that I love turtles of any kind, sent a card with a sea turtle on it along with a hat - a very soft and non-hair-catching hat for me to wear as well as some hand made earrings, stitch markers and puffy origami stars! I can't believe it! And they didn't get squashed while in transit, either. I am most fascinated by the starts but love the rest, too. they will all be welcome and frequently used gifts.

Juneberry is a pattern I worked on over the spring and summer. I finally finished it this fall but didn't get around to blocking it until recently. It is made with alpaca yarn and so is pretty toasty and comfortable to wear.

Finally, my uncle sends a basket or pot of amaryllis bulbs every year for the holidays. We always start themas soon as we get them, around Thanksgiving, and they never bloom until January. This year's flowers have been spectacular. Here is one close up I took with my I-Phone!
Thank you Uncle Rich and Aunt Joyce!

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