Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mom arrives today!

My mother has been chomping at the bit to come down and help ever since I told her about my diagnosis. I wanted to get a few treatments under my belt and deal with them alone first before I had company. Besides, her room wasn't ready and Bob was busy caring for me. So. The room is ready and she will be on a train from New York Penn station to Aberdeen in a couple of hours.

I haven't touched a knitting needle except to put it away in a week or more. I just don't feel the love. I feel like I am forcing myself to pick up the needles and that seemed to be unnecessary stress for me right now. I am taking a knitting vacation. I am still interested. My IK magazine came in yesterday's mail and I immediately browsed through it and picked out 2 items I want to make. But not now. The only thing I plan to knit any time soon is that last blasted sleeve so I can finish Bobs sweater. Everything else is getting put in a time out.

Spinning still interests me, so I do a bit of that now and then. Mostly my brain is happy to be entertained (or not) by watching HGTV.  We'll see what happens while Mom is here.

Speaking of Mom, I have to help put the Ikea nightstand together. I guess her room isn't quite ready.


EGunn said...

Have fun with your mom! Knitting will come back when you're ready. A vacation will probably do you good, and extra stress definitely isn't helpful.

Melodye said...

Take care of yourself first! Your mom will understand. Knitting will be there when you're ready for it.