Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting ready

I am getting very nervous about this next chemo treatment. First of all, everyone says how much easier it it to tolerate if you don't have an allergic reaction. How often, then, are allergic reactions? Also, on some of the cancer boards, people are writing about just how uncomfortable and distressing the side effects from this drug can be and it doesn't sound easier to me! I like to be forearmed with information but I feel confused in this area. Will it be a piece of cake or will I be crippled with muscle and joint pains? If I have an allergic reaction, what are the options? Some people have said that they had reactions to later doses but not to the first dose. That's scary! UGH. I both dread and want Thursday to get here soon.

Knitting is happening. Shellseeker is growing in length. My swatches for the tunic in Spring IK are almost ready to be measured and washed. I love the new yarn I am working with. The linen yarn I thought I would love did not work out. It was too open. I am currently working with Aurucania Itata Multi in a colorway that includes tropical blues and greens. I really hope I can make this work!

Mom is still visiting. We were able to enjoy some sunshine and milder temps the last two days but we expect rain today. :-(   Mom plans to be sure I do OK with this next drug and then head home for a while. She will be back in late May or early June when I have surgery.

Well, I am off to the work at home computer to start my work day. Have a good day.

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EGunn said...

Just keep knitting, and Thursday will be here in no time. And make sure you grill your doctors before taking anything! I imagine that there are lots of different reactions, since every body is different. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the "easier" part!