Sunday, January 06, 2013

It's official

Chemo sucks. Big time. I felt good for about 4-5 hours after it finished infusing and then the nausea hit. The next day the severe headache hit. They preach hydration but I don't see how it's possible to keep yourself hydrated when even a sip of water makes your nausea worse.

Lasts night I took a strong pain pill for the headache and was able to sleep off and on the whole night. The nausea is better today too. How am I going to purposely do this to myself every 2 weeks!?

Almost no knitting due to feeling so horrible. I did finish spinning the last of the Black Welsh Mountain fleece and plied it! That felt good. I think spinning will be better for me than knitting during this course of chemo at least.

Tomorrow I will try to get started spinning the yarn for the cowl I plan to spin and knit. The cowl probably won't be knit until after chemo though unless I feel a lot better later this week.

Oh, BTW my hair has been cut off. Not shaved but cut to about an inch in length. I could not bear to have my long hair fall out so I had it cut short the day before chemo started.

I hope your weekend has been a lot better than mine.

Go Ravens! On to Denver!!!

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EGunn said...

Sounds lousy. I'm glad you have fiber to keep you going! Take care.